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Integration - how do I integrate Citizen Space into my existing website?

Rowena Farr -

Integrating Citizen Space into your corporate website or blog gives your consultations, and your consultation practice, wider exposure. 

Great! How do I do that?

There are 3 main options for integrating Citizen Space into an existing website:

Add a link to Citizen Space from your site 

The simplest way to integrate is to link to Citizen Space from your main website. This is quick and easy to do but it doesn't present any of the key information to the end user. You may link to your Consultation Hub, or to individual consultations, as required.

Use our API (Application Programming Interface) for Citizen Space

Using our Citizen Space API provides the most powerful level of integration. The API adds further filtering power and the ability to skin and design the list of consultations that are returned.  It will require some technical implementation by your web manager but does not require any involvement or incur any additional costs from Delib. If you would like to know what this could look like, we have a nice working example of our latest API which now speaks JSON.

Embed a list or 'feed' of consultations into your website or blog using RSS

Please note that RSS is deprecated in Citizen Space as of Aug 2016. However, anyone taking feeds from any Citizen Space instances should still be able to receive this information, though this is unsupported and therefore the data may not be accurate.

Can't I just embed my Citizen Space site directly into my existing website?

Technically, yes.  Any site may be embedded within another site using an iframe. However, embedding Citizen Space in this way can introduce security risks as well as having a detrimental effect on end user experience and is therefore not recommended.


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