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Release notes: Dialogue v6.1.2

Support -

Below are the latest updates to Dialogue, including some great new features and a few bug fixes:


New feature: Editable cookie policy
We've included a page that shows all of the default Dialogue cookies, and allows you to add cookies that are specific to your Dialogue site.


Improved feature: New text editor

We've upgraded our text text editor to improve the look and functionality of the tool that admins and participants use to add new ideas and discussions. This may seem a small thing but we like stuff to look nice and work seamlessly so we think it was an important update!


Other improvements

  • The 'View Topline Reports' checkbox option has been removed from the Delib control panel (once we had decided that this option should always be on, the checkbox became redundant).
  • Footer links are now in title case (Upper and Lower Case, Like This), as opposed to all CAPITALS!
  • We've improved the look of 'blockquote' formatted text when participants are submitting ideas.
  • Some small but well-formed copy improvements through the app including page titles and notification messages.


Bug fixes - we have:

  • fixed the issue that prevented Google analytics embed code from loading
  • stopped the 'download results' permission from being reset when a site is reinstalled
  • removed broken links from the 404 error page


Now that 6.1.2 is live we are straight into planning the next exciting instalment so if you have an idea for us on how to make Dialogue better, please get in touch on


- release date 22.8.12