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Release notes: Dialogue v7.4

Louise Cato -

Upgrades to Version 7.4 are taking place as part of a staggered release from 17th June 2014. Email if you have any questions.


In this latest release, we've made yet more small improvements to help you and your users - with changes to enable more transparent moderation, to allow for increased privacy of discussions and to give you a better looking Dialogue.

Below are some of the highlights:

For your users:

Transparency on rejected and locked ideas

Moderators now have the ability to add a 'moderation reason' to ideas, so that users are kept informed of why ideas may have been rejected or locked. Not only does this make the management of the discussion more transparent for your users, it also makes for a more streamlined moderation process for you, as there is no longer a need to look up a user's email address if you want to inform them of the reason for rejection/locking. The reason will be visible on the idea when the user visits it.


A better-looking dialogue

There are no dramatic changes here, but we've done some general tidying of the homepage; made the discussion listing cleaner, fancied-up some fonts, reduced the size of the footer, neatened the tag cloud - just some small improvements to make your Dialogue easier on the eye.

For administrators:

Easily turn off-and-on-able social media widgets

You told us it's important to be able to control more things on a per-discussion basis, particularly when it comes to sharing and privacy. We've now made it possible for you to turn on and off the social media sharing widgets on each discussion. Private discussions will always have these turned off of course, but you can now control how shareable your public discussions are too.


A brand new Terms of Use

To give you additional protection, we have added a 'Terms of Use' page to the editable pages of your Dialogue, so you are now able to further outline your legal conditions. We have our standard terms in there, and you are welcome to add your own to this page as well - the 'Terms of Use' can be found at the bottom right of the new footer bar.

General information:

We recently wrote a Dialogue Success Guide to help you to make the most of your discussions, it contains lots of tips to help you with moderation, promotion, discussion content and community management.

Need more help?

We hope that this was a helpful release announcement and you're pleased with the new features we've added to Dialogue.

As always, if you need more information or support, contact us via our online support service - or email us