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How can I view the ideas from a challenge as an RSS feed?

Support -

The RSS feed returns the 10 most recent ideas for each challenge (which have been approved by a moderator) each time it is refreshed. 

In terms of subscribing to RSS feeds, different browsers and RSS clients work in different ways. These instructions are for subscribing to an RSS feed through the Firefox web browser, and also how to get a url (web address) that will allow you to create feed of ideas on, for example, your corporate website.

To learn more about RSS feeds and how to use them, please read this article.

Step 1

On the home page find the feed button for the challenge you want to subscribe to ideas for:


Alternatively, you can go into the challenge page, and click on rss at the bottom of the list of ideas.

Step 2

If you want to get the url to create a feed on another website, you will need to right click on the feed or rss button, and then click 'copy link address'.

If you want to create a feed within the browser using firefox, however, you will need to left click on the feed/rss button.

On the next screen, you will see subscription options for your feed. Choose your option from the dropdown menu:


Then click on the Save button:


You will now have a new bookmark in your browser that will automatically show the latest ideas in the challenge.

Please note: The RSS feed is designed to only show the 10 most recent ideas for a challenge. This means that, if you expect that a challenge will be very popular (e.g. more than 10 ideas being posted in a 30 minute period) you may need to configure your RSS reader to refresh the feed more frequently to ensure that all ideas to be shown in the feed.