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Administration emails in Dialogue

Rowena Farr -

Emails are sent from your Dialogue for a variety of actions. This article outlines the different emails sent through the course of setting up and running a challenge.

What is the contact email?

When we first set up your Dialogue instance, we will ask you for a generic contact email address this will be used as your Dialogue site email address.

What emails are sent from this address?

Any emails that Dialogue sends to its users have the site address as their from address, which means that if anyone replies to them, the reply goes to this address. These emails are:

1. User registration email

When a user registers with Dialogue, they will get a notification email with the email title 'Welcome to the dialogue'. The email looks like the following;

"Thank you for registering with Dialogue.

If you haven't submitted an idea yet, you can do so by going to <customerurl>, logging in and clicking on 'Submit an idea'. You can also view, comment on and rate other people's ideas.

Keep track of your ideas and comments or update your profile information by visiting your profile page at: <customerurl/author/respondentname>

We hope you enjoy taking part in the dialogue and look forward to hearing your ideas.

The Dialogue team"

2. Email address verification message

This is a second email initially sent out when a user first signs up. This asks them to verify their email address. This is important should they be added to the list of allowed email addresses in a restricted challenge. Users can request this email again from their profile page.

3. Password reset email

If a respondent has lost or forgotten their password, the password reset email will be sent from the site email address. This email will contain a unique URL which a respondent must add to their browser in order to reset their password. This link will expire exactly one week after it was originally requested.

4. New comment notification emails

Whenever an idea a user has submitted has new comments added to it, or additional comments are submitted to an idea they have previously commented on, they will receive an email to notify them. These emails are only sent once a day and will come from the site-wide email address.


Dialogue Feedback form

On the footer of every Dialogue a respondent has the option to 'contact' the organisation via a site contact form. Once submitted the form message will then get sent through to this site email address.


When do site admins or moderators get emails from Dialogue? 

If a comment or idea is flagged as inappropriate, all moderators and site admins get sent an email from the site address. If there are no moderators or site admins set up (unlikely), then the email gets sent to the site address as a fall-back.


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