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How do I turn on or off the Facebook and Twitter buttons on ideas?

Jess Henderson -

Social media buttons are shown by default on ideas.  These buttons allow visitors to share the idea on Facebook or Twitter, which helps to draw people into the challenge. 

'Tweet' and 'Like' buttons

Social media buttons displayed on ideas

There are some ideas on which social media buttons are never shown:

  • Ideas in private challenges
  • Ideas that have been rejected and are only visible to administrators and the original author

It is also possible to remove the social media buttons from ideas in normal (non-private) challenges.  This can be done when creating a new challenge or editing an existing challenge.

Which of my discussions have social media buttons enabled?

To check the status of your challenge, go to Discussions -> Manage discussions. Here you will see a list of existing challenges, including a column showing at a glance whether social media buttons are enabled for each challenge:

Screenshot of the 'Discussions' table on the Manage Discussions page

Screenshot of the 'Discussions' table on the Manage Discussions page

Clicking on a challenge name will bring up that challenge's dashboard, where you can edit the details of the challenge.

Turning social media buttons on or off

At the bottom of the 'Add Discussion' or 'Edit Discussion' form, you will find the following option:


Set the option as appropriate, and then save the form.  This will turn on or off the social media buttons on all existing ideas in the challenge, as well as any new ideas.

Note that this option appears on the edit form for private challenges, but social media buttons are never shown on ideas in private challenges.