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Simulator set-up requirements

Louise Cato -

There are a number of things we need to collect from you to be able to build your Simulator. This article gives you a checklist of items so that you can work through exactly what is needed.

Your Simulator URL

You'll need to decide on your preferred URL.

Your organisation's logo 

Your organisation's logo will feature in the welcome page header and act as a link back to your website. You need to supply a version which can be easily scaled by width for use on mobile devices.

  • Dimensions for normal desktop logo: recommended width is 500px and max height is 100px 
  • Dimensions for mobile screen logo: 100px x 100px.   

Your theming colours

We have a theming guide article that acts as a visual back up to this list of deployment requirements, helping you identify which bits of the Simulator interface can be changed. In particular it will be useful to help you understand how many theming colours you can choose and where they go.  We have an article showing some examples of how other organisations have chosen to style their Budget Simulator, which may help.

If you chose your own corporate colours please be mindful that we will test them for accessibility, and may need to make some changes if they do not pass. Not to worry - we will consult you every step of the way to make sure the colours are on brand for your organisation.

Banner image

Your banner image needs to be supplied to us - sized ideally around: 3000 x 410 pixels. Keep in mind that this banner image can really stand out from the page so think of an image that will compliment the theming colours you have chosen and be visually appealing in this format.

Demographic questions 

You can add up to 10 custom demographics questions subject to formatting constraints. 

When you provide us with the questions please ensure they are the final approved version. 

For a Simulator in any other language than English don't forget you will also need to provide translations of your questions.


If you would like to place social media widgets on the welcome and/or thank you page, simply let us know.

  • Option 1. Sharing widgets 
  • Option 2. Follow Widgets 

If you are purchasing a multi-language Simulator we can create a widget on the welcome page that provides the user with links to the version(s) in other languages.

These are the basic pieces of information we need to put together your Simulator site, but to understand how the deployment and set up process takes place and for a bit more detail on all of these aspects, take a look at our Set up journey