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Removing test responses

Tom Blockley -

Once you've finished setting up your Simulator instance, and before you go live, we recommend you remove all your test responses. This is so that they do not interfere with your live responses when it comes to reporting.

It is easy to remove responses in Simulator as deleting responses is included as an option when you open your consultation to the public.

To remove responses

1. Navigate to your dashboard.

2. On the dashboard you will see either a green button that says 'Open Consultation...' or a red button that says 'Close Consultation...' (image below). If you have a red button move on to step 3. If you have a green button you can skip to step 5.

3. To remove test responses, the consultation must be closed. If it says 'Close Consultation...' you will need to select the 'Close Consultation...' button.

The dashboard with the red close consultation button showing

4. When you close the consultation, you will be presented with an opportunity to confirm your Closed Text. Confirm that and then your simulator will be closed.

The start page text which will appear on the homepage after closing the simulator is shown so that it can be edited


5. Now the button will say 'Open Consultation...' select it. You will be presented with an opportunity to confirm your Open Text. Confirm the text.

The dashboard with the green open button to reopen your simulator

6. If there are responses present in your simulator, you will see a page with this content:

7. To delete the responses, click the 'Reopen the simulator and invalidate all current responses' button. This will remove all responses from the Simulator before opening it, allowing you to start your consultation safe in the knowledge that you won't have to filter out the test responses when it comes to reporting.

If you do not see the invalidate responses screen when you open your consultation, this means that there are no responses in the Simulator which need invalidating.