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Simulator site policies

Nina Midgley -

Your site will be deployed with the Delib standard policies which require the addition of your organisation's content. These policies are public facing information pages about how the site and your organisation will deal with privacy, cookies, accessibility and terms of use. On your live site these policies are located at the bottom of the page for the public to access. Further detail about these policies can be found below.

We encourage you to add to these policies to ensure they reflect your organisation's practices. You can do this in Settings > Pages (image below).

Screenshot of the editable pages screen showing the policy pages at the bottom of the left hand side menu


Accessibility Policy - Your site deployment will include fixed non-editable copy for accessibility wording related to the site. You may use additional wording if required for your organisation's policies.

Privacy Policy - We provide fixed non-editable copy that sets out Delib's privacy policy. It is important for your organisation to add their own privacy policy so that the respondent is informed of how their data and any information they provide will be used by your organisation.

Cookie Policy - We provide fixed non-editable copy that sets out Simulator's cookie policy. You may use additional wording if required for your organisation's policies. For example, if you use Google Analytics, you will need to update the cookie policy wording to reflect this. Any additional text you supply will go above the existing policy information.

Terms of Use - This page is where you can add information explaining the relationship between the organisation and the end-user (you may wish to link to existing Terms of Use on your corporate website). You can edit the page by selecting this link. The page will remain blank unless and until you update it.

Google Analytics code: if you are tracking traffic using Google Analytics, this is where to embed the code. If you use Google Analytics, remember to update your cookie and privacy policies accordingly.

Should you have any questions about the policies that come as standard with your Simulator please ask your account manager.