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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.22.0 March 4th 2015

Alexis Mackie -

Our March release of Citizen Space is focused on features that will help make your user experience better. We've listened to our customers who have asked for variation in the text box answer component, and improved the print function so it looks better when you need to print your survey out.

We've also made it easier for your lovely Delib account manager to provide you with support for certain features such as Areas, Events, Response Publishing, Interests and Audiences. This means we can provide you with a speedier response for certain changes which previously required a developer. 

What's new

Text box answer component

We know that for some of our customers, having a variety of sizes for the text box answer component in their Citizen Space survey would be really helpful. In response to these suggestions we have worked hard to make this happen and created three size options of text box: small, medium and large.

The text box size can be used to provide the respondent with a visual prompt of expected response length.  For example, the small text box could be used for address fields whereas a large text box could be used for questions that require a more detailed response.

What else?

Tweaks and tidies

And as usual, we've fixed bugs, done some other tidying and rectified some issues to improve your experience, and that of your respondents, when using Citizen Space.

Here's some we made earlier...

Ongoing response publishing

When setting up response publishing you now have the option to make responses publicly visible as soon as they get published - as long as respondents have given their consent. As before, you can also moderate and redact these responses, in order to remove inappropriate content, such as personally identifiable information, from free-text answers. You can read about these improvements in more detail in our January release notes.

New look matrix questions

We've taken steps to improve the way matrix questions appear on the page. Columns will now expand to fill the full width of the page according to the size of their headings, rather than clustering at the side. A border has been added between each row to make the table easier for respondents to read, and we've made a slight adjustment to the spacing of the rows for the same purpose. You can read about this in more detail in our January release notes.

In other news

Welcome to our new customers!

We are happy to welcome DELNI, the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland as our latest Citizen Space users. The next couple of months are shaping up to be busy ones and we look forward to sharing with you our new customer news. Remember, you can get updates on all consultations running in Citizen Space by subscribing to the Citizen Space Aggregator.

Citizen Space training

Our UK team have recently been to London, Sussex, the Midlands and Ireland meeting and training Citizen Space customers. We're keen on making sure our customers are getting the most out of their training time and ask for feedback about what we could do differently to improve our sessions. Alongside our three main training courses, we are also happy to provide tailored support and training for specific features via screen-shares and conference calls.

In Australia we have completed a number of Account reviews since January, we are conducting training courses for a number of clients over the next few months to introduce more people to Citizen Space and help develop existing users' skill sets.

If you're interested in finding out more about training you can either contact your account manager directly or email  You can also reach us via phone on 0845 638 1848 (UK), 1800 034 129 (Australia) or +61 0437 581 109 (James' mobile Australia).  

Citizen Space user group

In 2014 we held our first ever user group meetings in the UK, giving customers the opportunity to meet both us and other leads in online consultation. Following our second successful user group meeting in Birmingham last October we are looking to run two user groups again in 2015. If you missed the meet-up, but would like to read more about the key learnings, we've written a blog which includes the key feedback from the day. 

We are also replicating the user groups in Australia, if you have any ideas, suggestions or wish to be involved in creating this group please don't hesitate to get in contact with James.

You could also join the online international user group through LinkedIn here

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