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How do I reset a user's password?

Support -

Once a user has registered with Dialogue they will be sent a user registration email. Should a user forget their password at any stage, they can request a new one.

But what if they have forgotten their password AND their username?  Double whammy!  No problem, below are the steps for how the site admin can retrieve the username:

Step 1

Once you have logged into Dialogue as a site admin, select Users in the toolbar at the top of the Dialogue.


Step 2

Under the manage users page, select 'Download user list (xlsx)'


Using the email address you have from the user, you can then identify their username from the list.

After you have found the username, follow the next set of steps so you can advise the user on how to reset their password:

Step 3

If a respondent has lost or forgotten their password, they can use the 'Forgotten your password' option in the login box in order to trigger a new one.

image showing the log in screen with the forgotten password link circled in red 

Step 4

Users will then be invited to add their Username in order to reset their password. Once entered, the user will be sent an email to the address they originally used to register with the Dialogue.

image showing the box for users to enter their username to request a password reset email 

Step 5

This email will contain a unique URL which a respondent must navigate to/add to their browser in order to reset their password. This link will expire exactly one week after it was originally requested. Please note that a user will need to ensure they are entering their Username as it was entered during the registration process. Usernames are case sensitive.