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How do I replace the logo on my Dialogue site?

Support -

If you are a site admin, Dialogue allows you to replace the logo at the top of the site. 

Step 1

After you've logged in, select the Administration link at the top of the page.

image of the homepage with the Administration link circled in red

Step 2

Next select the Site Settings link at the top of the page 

Step 3

In the Site Logo section, click on Go to the logo customisation page.

Site settings menu with go to the logo customisation page circled

Step 4

Choose the image file you want to use, the ideal dimensions for this are: max 70px high and max 350px wide.

Add in a description of your logo for your visitors who may be using assistive technologies, and then Save .

Customise logo page with file upload and description boxes


Your logo will replace the one previously at the top of the page.

The delib icon is shown at the top of a sample dialogue app homepage

If you wish for any other amendments to be made to your Dialogue site, please speak with your account manager.