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How do I change the moderation settings?

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Your dialogue may be either pre-moderated or post-moderated:

  • Pre-moderation: Ideas and comments will not go live on the site until they are approved by a moderator.
  • Post-moderation: Ideas and comments appear on the site as soon as they are posted, but can be rejected later if necessary.

Our article "Keeping the conversation going - advice for quality moderation" gives more guidance on choosing between pre-moderation and post-moderation.

Moderation settings affect all challenges in your site. It's not possible to change the overall moderation settings for a single challenge.

Changing the settings

Step 1

You will need to be logged in as a Site Admin user in order to change the moderation settings. Once logged in, select the "Administration" link at the top of the public-facing site to get to the admin side, then select the "Site Settings" link at the top of the page.

Step 2

You'll find a "Moderation Settings" section. This will tell you whether the site is currently pre-moderated or post-moderated. To change this setting, select the "Moderation Settings" link.

image showing the moderation settings link on the moderation page

Step 3

Use the radio buttons to switch between "pre-moderation" and "post-moderation".

image showing the two options in moderation settings, one for pre-moderation and one for post-moderation

Changing the settings when you have open challenges

Sometimes you will decide to switch between pre-moderation and post-moderation after ideas and comments have already been submitted. For example, some moderators prefer the discussion to be pre-moderated overnight, when they are not there to oversee the discussion, and post-moderated during the day, to encourage more real-time discussion.

If you change your moderation settings, unmoderated content will stay in the same state that it was when submitted. In other words:

  • Ideas and comments submitted while the site was in post-moderation will remain visible unless rejected.
  • Ideas and comments submitted while the site was in pre-moderation will remain hidden until approved.

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