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Submitted responses

Eric -

Can responses be edited after they have been submitted?

Responses can not be edited by anyone once the response has been submitted. That includes both site admins and respondents.

The reason for this is transparency - Citizen Space is designed specifically in a way so responses can not be edited after submission. 

This to avoid any risk or concern that responses could be altered to change their original meaning. This is critical to maintain the integrity of the consultation and to give confidence to both respondents and decision makers that responses submitted are authentic.


What if a respondent wishes to make a correction to their response?

Sometimes respondents wish to make amendments to their original response, such as a typo or perhaps an additional point they wish to make. They cannot alter their submitted response, however, they are able to manually re-submit their response to the consultation owner. The consultation owner can then manually add their new response into the consultation as an offline response.

If the respondent requests the consultation owner to delete their response, this is possible, however the reason for deletion must be entered in the system. In order to delete a response a clear audit trail of the reason is required. The system will record who has deleted the response. 

Once removed, a response will no longer be included in any listings, exports, reports or statistics for the consultation. The only place it will appear is the list of removed responses, along with the reason for its removal, the date it was removed and the user who removed it. Deleting a response is an action that can be reversed in Citizen Space.

This link explains how to remove a response in Citizen Space.