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Response publishing - moderation workflow

Alexis Mackie -

This section explains how to use the View Moderated Answers page to manage the workflow of response publishing. If you do not have response publishing enabled on your Citizen Space site and wish to find out more, please get in touch with your account manager.

View Moderated Answers overview

The View Moderated Answers page is accessed from the Consultation Dashboard and is a useful way to see a summary and workflow of your rejected, approved and published answers - these are displayed across three tabs. You can also search for responses here using their unique ID or response ID.

From here you can view and move answers (if required) between the approved and rejected tabs, as well as see what has been approved for publishing.

Top tips to keep in mind with the moderation workflow:

  • All quantitative answers go directly into the Approved Answers tab.
  • If you reject a qualitative answer in the View Moderated Answers page, it will move back to the moderation queue.
  • If you reject a quantitative answer, it will move to the Rejected Answers tab.


View Moderated Answers workflow

To change the moderation status of an answer, or to check which answers have already been rejected, approved or published, from the Consultation Dashboard go to the Moderate Responses section and click the View Moderated Answers link.

Within View Moderated Answers there are three tabs:

1. Rejected Answers

2. Approved Answers

3. Published Answers

Quantitative answers are automatically approved and go into the Approved Answers tab.

Qualitative answers automatically go to the Moderate Responses view where you need to approve or reject them. After qualitative answers have been moderated, they will enter the appropriate tab within View Moderated Answers.

If an approved qualitative answer requires further moderation, click the Remove From List button within the Approved Answers tab. This will send the answer back into the moderation queue within the Moderate Responses page as before.


Re-reviewing Responses

Once a respondents answer has been classified into Rejected, Approved or Published it can later be reviewed and the redacting adjusted as necessary.

To adjust the classification of a response, first navigate to the View Moderated Answers page by clicking the link in the Moderate Responses section of the consultation dashboard.

Once there, find the answer you wish to adjust and click the Remove From List button on the right hand side of the entry, the entry will then disappear from the list. 

Now navigate to the Moderate Responses page from the section in the Consultation Dashboard where you will find an entry for the response you just removed from classification. As before, perform redaction as necessary, then once finished use the Approve or Reject buttons to reclassify the entry.

To read about how to publish moderated responses, please click here