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Response publishing - how to publish approved responses

Alexis Mackie -

This article explains how to publish responses on your Citizen Space site. Please speak to your account manager if you are interested in learning more about response publishing.

Publishing approved responses is simple, especially after all the hard work that you've put into moderating them!

Go to the Publish Responses section on the Consultation Dashboard and select the Publish Approved Responses link.

Publish responses  section on the Consultation Dashboard shows that there are 0 currently published responses 2 responses approved for publishing, and links to preview approved and published responses, publish approved responses, and edit public responses page

This will publish all parts of responses which have been moderated and approved so far - these are counted in the 'Responses approved for publishing' total on the dashboard. NB. This may include quantitative (aka multiple choice) answers which don't require moderation so are automatically approved.

Once these approved parts of responses have been published, they will be counted in the 'Currently published responses' total and the 'Responses approved for publishing' total will go back down to 0.

You can preview the responses before you publish them by using the 'Preview Approved and Published Responses' link first.

Published responses will be visible to the public either during the consultation if you have chosen that setting, or after the consultation has closed if you have chosen that option.

You can publish responses in batches, or you can wait until you've finished moderating all responses and then publish them all in one go.

To read more about how to set up response publishing click through to this article.

To see what published responses look like click through to this article.