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How do I add and manage challenges?

Eric -

Challenges are what your visitors will interact with and add their ideas and comments to. This article talks you through the practical steps of adding and editing a challenge. If you want to know more about how to set up a really great challenge, then have a look at our Dialogue Success Guide instead.

Firstly, log in

Once you've logged in as an admin user, you can add, edit, open and close challenges by selecting the Administration link from the navigation bar at the top of the page, this will take you to the admin side of your Dialogue site. 

If you are already in the admin side then select the Challenges link in the toolbar to take you to the Challenges page. 

image of Dialogue homepage with Administration link circled in red in top right of screen

Now you're logged in to the admin side, let's get started. Click on the link below to take you to the relevant section of the article:

I want to add a new challenge

I want to edit an existing challenge

Adding a new challenge

Once in the Manage Challenges page, to add a new challenge select the +Add Challenge link.

image of the manage challenges page with 'add a new challenge' circled in red

You'll be taken to this page 

image of the add challenge page showing fields to add in a title, summary, description and to select whether to show social media buttons, plus save or cancel buttons at the bottom

From here you can:

  • Add a title for your challenge.
  • Add a summary - this will appear on the homepage of your Dialogue, so a brief few lines to explain more about your challenge is helpful
  • Add in the full details of the challenge - this is where you explain all about what you're asking and why. Here you can add videos, images and make it engaging and informative
  • You can turn on or off social media sharing widgets for your challenge (Twitter and Facebook). Social media widgets will not appear for unlisted or invitation only challenges, no matter which option you select

Once you've filled all of that in, save it.

You'll be taken to the dashboard for your new challenge. You challenge will be in draft mode until you choose to publish it via this dashboard.

image of an example challenge dashboard with a challenge in draft mode and the publish button visible in blue


This page also where you can set the privacy settings for your challenge, if you wish for it to be unlisted and/or invitation only. You can find out more about how to do that in these articles:

Listed and unlisted challenges

Invitation only challenges and how to set these up

How to open and close a challenge 

To open and close a challenge, you need to click on its title in the Manage Challenges page to be taken to its dashboard. The open or closed status is located on the right of the screen.

If you want to close a challenge, simply select the 'Closed' button. Likewise if you wish to re-open a challenge, select 'Open'. The status of the challenge will be in bold directly above the buttons. This article explains more about the different challenge states.

image of the challenge dashboard with a published challenge and the open and closed buttons circled in red


How to edit an existing challenge

To edit a discussion, click on its title from the Manage Challenges page as before. You will be taken to the dashboard for that specific challenge.

Here you can click on Edit Challenge as well as the moderation options for ideas, comments and topics. This page also displays helpful information about the ideas, comments, topics and ratings that have been posted to the challenge.


image of the challenge dashboard with the 'edit challenge' link circled in red

Once you have clicked on the Edit Challenge page, you will be directed to the page below where you can edit the details of the challenge.

image of the challenge details page with content in available to edit



Things to note and troubleshooting:

Challenges show on the homepage in the order you put them in

Dialogue lists challenges in chronological order, with most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom. If you have a few discussions to put in at once, be sure to think about the order you want them to show in and put the one you want at the bottom in first and the one you want at the top in last.