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How can users comment on an idea?

Support -

Once a user has registered and signed in they can follow these steps to comment on an idea:

Step 1

Within a challenge, ideas are presented as individual blocks, as shown below. 

image of the ideas section of a challenge with all ideas as blocks containing the idea title, number of comments, votes, date and time of idea


The user can then click on the title of the idea they want to comment on, doing so will take them through to the detail of the idea so that they can read it in full.


Step 2

The user will then be able to see the detail of the idea as well as any other comments other users have added to the idea. By scrolling to the bottom go the page, there is an 'Add a comment' box, where they will be able to add their comment.

image of the add a comment box


Once they have clicked Save, their comment will be added to that idea.

To note: If the Dialogue is being pre-moderated by administrators the comment will need to be moderated and approved, prior to being published.