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Listed and Unlisted challenges in Dialogue

Louise Cato -

When you add a challenge in Dialogue you can choose for it to be either listed or unlisted. If your challenge is meant for some eyes only, keep it unlisted and it will be hidden from the homepage, the search functions and won't have any social media sharing widgets attached.

You change this setting once you have added your challenge via the Manage Challenge dashboard:

Once you've selected the 'change listing settings' option you'll be taken to this page, where you simply untick the little checkbox to make it unlisted:

an image of the listing settings page with the 'make challenge listed' checkbox ticked

Listed challenges:

  1. Are visible on the homepage
  2. Have social media sharing widgets enabled (unless you choose to turn them off)
  3. Can be set as a homepage to your Dialogue
  4. Can be searched for
  5. Can have topics applied which will appear in the search

Unlisted challenges:

  1. Have an obfuscated URL so can only be accessed by people who have the specific challenge link - this will need to be shared with them by you
  2. Are not visible on the homepage
  3. Automatically have social media sharing widgets turned off (and these cannot be turned on)
  4. Cannot be searched for
  5. Cannot be set as a homepage to your Dialogue
  6. Cannot have topics applied

Listed challenges are for crowd-sourcing ideas, opinions and solutions to issues in a public, transparent forum where everyone can get involved. This is the most common use for Dialogue, to get everyone in on a large-scale debate on important issues.

Unlisted challenges can be used for internal organisational challenges, selected-participant idea generation, post-event discussions, even things such as Citizen's Panel engagement on specific topics, should this fit better in a private forum initially.

Invitation Only challenges:

There is a further option in Dialogue, beyond just unlisting the challenge, which allows you to specify the particular users you wish to invite to a challenge - only those invited would then be able to see and access it. This is called Invitation Only and requires you to set up a list of email addresses for users whom you wish to take part. Your users will then need to register (if they haven't already) and verify their email address in order to see the challenge. Invitation only challenges are always unlisted, in that they don't appear on the homepage of the site or in any searches.

You can find more on that feature and how to set this up in this article