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How do I moderate challenges?

Eric -

An intro to the overall moderation settings in Dialogue

There are two overall moderation settings available in Dialogue: pre- and post-moderation. You can find out more about these and how to change them in this article: 'How do I change the moderation settings?'


If you have chosen to pre-moderate your site, new ideas and comments will not appear in the public view until they have been approved by a moderator.


If you have chosen to post-moderate, ideas and comments will be immediately visible to everyone.

NB: If you change your moderation settings from post-moderation to pre-moderation, the unmoderated ideas that have already been posted will remain visible on the site until you moderate the idea or comment.


Step 1

In this article we'll talk you through the practical steps on how to moderate your challenges. The first step is to make sure you are logged in as a moderator or site admin. You will then need to click on the Administration page and access the Moderation using the link at the top of the screen.


Step 2

New ideas will come into the moderation queue. To moderate these:

  1. Go into your 'Moderation Queue' using the link at the top of the screen
  2. In 'Moderate Ideas', select the challenge that you wish to moderate from the dropdown menu, and click 'Go'.

Alternatively, you can choose 'All Discussions' to look at the new ideas across all discussions on your site.

image displaying the moderation queue page with the different options and settings for moderation within Dialogue

Pre-moderating ideas

Click on the tab 'Awaiting Pre-Moderation'. A list of the ideas awaiting moderation will be displayed.

image showing the moderation queue for ideas within a challenge with the awaiting pre-moeration tap highlighted


Click on the title of the idea you want to moderate to be taken through to the detail of that idea. You will be given three options: Approve, Reject, or Lock.

  • Approve idea will make the idea visible to all users, and enable them to rate or comment on the idea.
  • Reject idea will keep the idea hidden from public users. There is a text box to provide a reason for the moderation - this will be visible to the account that submitted the idea as well as to other moderators and site admins.
  • Lock idea will make the idea visible to public users, but will disable comments or ratings for the idea. You can provide a reason for locking the idea; this will also be visible to all users.


image showing the screen to post-moderate individual ideas on a challenge, higlighting options to lock idea, approve idea or reject idea 

It is possible to change moderation status of an idea at any time. In pre-moderation, you can choose to reject an idea that has previously been approved. This will then remove the idea from public view. Similarly, previously rejected ideas can be approved, which will make them visible to everyone. Approved ideas can be locked - however, rejected ideas must be approved before they can be locked.


Post-moderating ideas

Post-moderation works in a similar way to pre moderation above, but it means that ideas and comments will be visible to all users before they are moderated.

  • Follow steps one and two as above, then to view ideas awaiting post-moderation, select the tab 'Awaiting Post-Moderation'.
  • Alternatively, you can simply moderate the ideas within the challenge itself if you are logged in as a moderator as they will already be visible on the challenge.
  • Rejecting an idea in post-moderation will remove it from view.


Moderating comments

Comment moderation works in a similar way to ideas, although they can't be locked, only approved or rejected. If you reject a comment, you can simply click 'unreject' to make it reappear. There is no option to provide a reason for rejecting a comment. As with ideas, in pre-moderation, comments will not appear visible to all until they are moderated, whereas in post-moderation, they will be posted and visible immediately.

How to reject/unreject a comment

  • From the dashboard of the challenge, select 'Browse ideas'
  • Scroll down the page to the idea that the comment is in
  • Click on the idea and scroll down the page to the comments
  • Select the appropriate choice i.e. 'unreject' and the comment will show again

It is worth bearing in mind that if you 'reject' a comment, it will show that the moderator has removed the comment. You are unable to delete comments - if required please speak to your account manager.


image showing the screen to moderate a comment on an idea and highlighting options to accept or reject the comment


As stated above, if you change your moderation settings from post-moderation to pre-moderation, ideas and comments that were added in post-moderation and which have not been moderated will not automatically be removed from view. You will have to moderate them manually if you want to make changes.

This article explains the practicalities of moderating challenges. You can find some suggestions about how moderation can help cultivate the kind of challenge that you want in our Dialogue success guide.