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Social media widgets

Eric -

Social media widgets can be placed on the welcome and/or thank you pages of your Simulator site. This is done as part of the theming and set up process and will be completed by your account manager. The widgets are positioned below the open and close dates on the intro page and below the contact details box on the thank you page.

This article briefly explains the two different kinds of social media widgets available and also the different display options on your Simulator instance. 

1. Sharing widgets

These allow people to post a link to the simulator from their own Twitter and Facebook social media accounts.

If you would like a Twitter sharing widget please supply us with:

  1. Default tweet text that you would like to be used. e.g. Your service, your choices - how would you budget for 2015/2016 and beyond?
  2. A hashtag you would like to be included in the shared tweet. e.g. #budget2016
  3. The handle for your organisation's Twitter account. e.g. @localcouncil

Please note the Twitter widget no longer shows the tweet count - this change came about in November 2015. This was a decision by Twitter and you can read more about it here

2. Follow widgets

Alternatively you can use 'follow widgets' which invite people to visit your social media page or feed by using a 'follow widget.' Just let us know the destination, i.e. the URL of your Facebook or Twitter page and whether you want to include an icon or logo.


Screenshot showing social media follow widgets for twitter and facebook

 3. Theming

Your widgets can be displayed on your site in one of three formats:

  • With a black background

  • With a white background

  • With no background (i.e. the background of your instance will show through)