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Viewing and downloading submitted responses

Alexis Mackie -

Simulator offers a number of different options with which to view and download submitted responses.

From the admin view click on Responses. From here you can access your data. There are three different options for viewing your data, as well as a downloadable option: 

  • Responses (which is all responses)
  • Responses with demographics
  • Responses with comments 
  • Download all responses to excel


When you click through the different views, you will see that the responses are listed according to the date they are submitted.

For example, if you click through the Responses view, it lists all of the responses. You are able to see each response separately by clicking on the blue hyperlink text of the date the response was submitted.


Responses view:


View once you have clicked through into a single response:


Excel download all responses

The download of all responses in Excel provides a number of handy worksheets with charts, comments, submitted and starting budget. To read more about the Excel export please click here.

To see an example of the Excel export click here.