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Response publishing - what is moderation?

Alexis Mackie -

This article explains what moderation is when using response publishing. Please speak to your account manager if you do not have response publishing enabled on your Citizen Space hub and are interested in learning more about it.

Why moderate responses?

All qualitative (text) and quantitative (multiple choice, tick box, radio buttons) answers can be published.

To publish responses to a consultation, response publishing must be set up by the consultation administrator before the consultation goes live. Responses must then be moderated (redacted/approved/rejected) before they can be published.

What is moderation?

Moderating responses includes approving and rejecting individual answers from a response, as well as redacting inappropriate or unpublishable sections of text before publishing. To read more about how to moderate, please click here.

What can be moderated?

In Citizen Space, only qualitative answers are moderated whereas quantitative responses will automatically be approved.

This set-up creates a workflow for moderating responses.

The respondent's answer to the consent question determines what will be published. For more about how to set up a consent question please click here.

If a respondent approves their response to be published, this response will enter the moderation queue, or workflow. If they decline, the response will not enter the moderation workflow.

When to moderate

Moderation can happen at any time after responses have been received. In response publishing settings you can choose whether to have ongoing response publishing, which will allow you to publish approved responses whilst your consultation is open, or to publish them once the consultation is closed.

See the next article on how to moderate responses.