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Support page - accessing support, editing the page, adding site admin details

Louise Cato -

When logged in to Citizen Space as an administrator, you can access support at any time by clicking on the 'Support' link in the top right of the hub. 

This support link leads to a page containing a link to access our Citizen Space quick start guide and a link to this Citizen Space knowledge base. This page can also include the contact details of the key site admin for your Citizen Space hub, so your users know who they can contact for guidance specific to your organisation.

Importantly, the page can be edited by site admins to include guidance and information for your users about how you as an organisation consult.


How to edit the page

To view the support page, log in as an admin and click on the support link in the top right.


To edit the content in this page, you will need to be a site admin.

If you are a site admin, then you will see the 'Pages' link from the admin options. Click the 'Pages' link and then the link '"More help" section of the admin support page'.


You can then add further information to this page using the box provided. This will all appear on the support page under the heading 'More help'. 

In the example here, we have added in a link to an organisation's consultation guidelines document, as well as a link to the UK Government consultation guidelines. Finally, we've embedded the UK Government's consultation code of practice PDF. To learn how to embed PDFs in Citizen Space, please follow the instructions in this article.

image of the page showing the editable more info section of the support page with a What You See Is What You Get toolbar and a text box below containing some information input. This says If you are building a consultation, please follow the Arlen Hill Council consultation guidelines, which is hyperlinked. Below that it says Here are a few other documents which may help you when you are running an online consultation, these are bullet points with a hyperlink to The Gunning Principles and an embedded PDF of the Government consultation Code of PracticeOnce you are happy, save your page. You will be shown how the 'More help' section looks, and if you click on the 'Support' link at the top right of the page again you will see how the whole page now looks.

image of the finished support page with the links to the Citizen Space quick start guide and knowledge base and the more info section below that showing the details we have just entered. As described previously.

If you do not wish to add your own support guidance, but would like the contact details of one of your Citizen Space site admins added to this page, please let us know who you would like it to be and we can set this for you. Of course, you are also more than welcome to add the contact details of any of your site admins along with additional guidance by using the 'More help' section described above, too.


Some useful documents

Attached to this article are some useful guidance documents about consultation.