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Changing domain names

Hannah Smith -

What is the domain name?

Your domain name will either be or a custom URL of your choosing. View our article on managing URLs for more information on how Citizen Space URLs are composed. 


Under what circumstances can I change my domain name?

When it comes to moving domain we can only do this when a site has no open consultations or challenges on it. That's because if someone is in the process of submitting a response or an idea to any consultation their data will be lost by the change of domain.

This also applies to any save and return later links as these will reference the old consultation URL and will no longer work.

So all consultations need to be fully closed or forthcoming. They cannot just be closed or retracted for the purposes of the domain change and then re-opened. 


What happens when a domain name is changed?

There is a cost involved with us changing your domain name. We will discuss your requirements and agree a price with you beforehand.

We will schedule your domain name change to be done when there is at least a week when you have no open consultations.


If I have open consultations but really need to change my domain, can you still help me?

We always do our best to find a way to help our customers but cannot guarantee a solution in this particular instance. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help you.