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Release notes: Citizen Space v2.1.12 March 15th 2016

Rowena Farr -

Following hot on the heels of Version 2 (v2), we've been making some small but important changes to Citizen Space this release. Outside of development, we've been working on a number of handy blogs and improvements to our online knowledge base.

Update on v3

As some of you may remember from our 2015 Citizen Space user groups, our focus for 2016 is version 3 (v3). We're really excited about this release, as it includes making Citizen Space responsive, presenting an improved user experience for respondents. v3 will be released in stages: with all customers being upgraded by the end of 2016.

We're still scoping out exactly what v3 is going to look like, and we'd love to hear your thoughts. We'll be sending a survey to all Citizen Space customers in the next few weeks to help garner your input.

What we've improved 

Skip logic
We've found that customers have been making excellent use of Skip Logic: a feature which has enabled surveys to be built with more relevance to the end user. 
Over the past couple of months, some customers have, however, discovered a bug which meant that if an administrator deleted or moved a question that contained a skip logic sub-question, they couldn't continue editing their survey. Thanks to our customers who've reported this to us, we've been able to fix this.

Skip-logic is an advanced feature in Citizen Space which requires careful consideration and planning. Even perfectly implemented skip logic leaves you the technical possibility of creating an everlasting loop if a consultation isn't properly tested prior to go-live!

 In order to mitigate against this, here's some top tips:

Summary report
The .pdf summary report in Citizen Space helps provide a handy overview of results gathered in a digestible format. Occasionally, however, upon generation it can however, get 'stuck' upon generation - especially if you're dealing with a large volume of responses. We've been working on some improvements to help further mitigate against this. If you do ever encounter this issue, just email '' and we'll 'un-stick' the report for you!

We've also been working on a whole host of smaller bug fixes and other infrastructure improvements during this release.

Tips and tricks 

Interested in creating a great consultation report? we've summarised 10 examples from our customers demonstrating useful items or approaches to include. 

We've also blogged about how The Australian Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science are using their Citizen Space to consult on ways of working. This is a great example of using Citizen Space to consult on internal organisational improvements. 

Here's something we made earlier...

PDF document embedder

Citizen Space has an easy way to upload and embed your PDFs, making it simple to visually display reference documents for your consultation. You can use the embedder wherever you see our rich text editor (including fact banks) and it's as easy as clicking on the new icon (see image above) and uploading your file.

If you haven't used the feature yet, we've written a handy knowledge base article that steps you through the process.

Editable 'call-to-action' link text

You can change the 'Online Survey' link text on the Consultation Overview, and in email/postal consultations too. You'll find this option labelled 'Call to Action' when setting up your survey. This field will continue to default to Online Survey if you don't want to change it. Full instructions on editing this can be found in this article.

In other news

Our next user group
Our first 2016 user group will be held once again in collaboration with the Scottish Government in Edinburgh on Tuesday 26th April. if you haven't received an invite but are interested in attending please email for more information.

Welcome to our new customers!
We are happy to welcome the Department for Education (UK) and the Civil Aviation Authority as two of our latest Citizen Space customers. Remember, you can get updates on all consultations running in Citizen Space by subscribing to the Citizen Space Aggregator.

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