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Removal of support for Internet Explorer 7

Alexis Mackie -

In July 2015 we sent an email to all Citizen Space Site Admins about Microsoft withdrawing support for all but the latest available versions of Internet Explorer (for each version of Windows) from the 12th January 2016, including Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8.

If you'd like a refresher on that information please click here

Why this new announcement?

Since Microsoft removed their support for these browsers in January 2016, Citizen Space functionality has remained the same* for Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and IE 8.

We are contacting you now because in Autumn 2016 we too will no longer be able to support IE7.

We have run the stats again recently to see how many admin users and respondents still appear to access Citizen Space using an IE7 browser, despite Microsoft dropping its support. For the majority of Citizen Space users and their respondents the percentages are negligible to none. However, we have identified a very small number of organisations using Citizen Space where the stats still indicate some IE7 usage, particularly on the admin side. We are contacting those organisations individually.

*Much larger organisations, such as Google Apps, dropped support for IE8 in 2012 and then dropped support for IE9 in 2013. Even Microsoft’s own Office 365 supports only versions 9 and later of Internet Explorer.

The change to IE7 support

IE7 was released over 10 years ago in 2006, the year that Facebook went public, and before the first iPhone was released. A lot of change has happened in how the internet works since 2006 and IE7 is no longer fit for purpose.

As Microsoft has removed its support for IE7 on any desktop platforms beyond Windows 7 (and will do the same for IE 8, 9 & 10 from April 2016), this means any security problems found in IE7 will now not be resolved by Microsoft. With Microsoft not fixing bugs or maintaining their own platform we are left completely unable to continue testing on that browser ourselves.

We have a big product release coming up this year: Citizen Space is getting a brand new public design to make it more beautiful, versatile, easier to use and to provide better usability across all devices. This is a massive win.

It is a huge piece of development work designed to benefit your respondents and to increase your reach so that people have a better opportunity to engage with you.

Once we have made the change so that Citizen Space has its new design and responds gracefully on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes, it will no longer work on the obsolete IE7 browser.

What do I need to do?

For those organisations where the IE7 stats need further examination, we'll be in touch directly. For everyone else, it appears action to move from IE7 has already taken place, so nothing more needs to be done at present. We are continuing to support IE8 at support level 2, however if you use this browser then plans should be made to move from it, as it too is no longer supported by Microsoft.

If you'd like some more detailed reading, take a gander at our latest browser stats roundup blog and a compelling argument from Rich, one of our developers, as to why you should transition from IE7 and IE8

Zendesk - the platform we use for our Knowledge Base and support ticket system - has announced it is also dropping support for Internet Explorer in line with Microsoft. You can read their announcement here.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to give your friendly account manager a shout.