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Editable pages: Changing and updating static pages

Louise Cato -

As a site admin, you are able to change and update the static pages in Citizen Space (such as the homepage text, policy pages in the footer, and some other site-wide pages).

To edit them, you need to be logged in and to find the 'Pages' link along your admin bar.

image of the Pages link circled in red on the row of site admin links on Citizen Space


What pages can I edit?

The Pages link shows you the list of pages that you can edit (these may appear in a different order in your own site):

image of the manage page content editable pages list which contains all the static pages you can change

The pages you can change are listed below. Select each one to be taken to the section in this article which explains what that page is and how to update it.


Welcome to 'Organisation’s' Consultation Hub

This allows you to change the text which appears on the homepage of your Citizen Space site and which introduces your consultation hub.

It takes you to a text box where you can change the title and text on the homepage, as well as adding in images and rich media.

an image of the text and title editing box for the Citizen Space homepage


Online Survey "Confirm submit?" page

This page appears at the end of every online survey you run on Citizen Space. It contains the button for people to confirm that they wish to submit their response. The page also gives people the option to provide their email address (if they haven't done so already) to receive a copy of their response.

The editable part of this page is the text which appears above the 'Submit Response' button. If you edit what this says, this will be updated for all online surveys and consultations you run.

image showing the confirm submit page with the editable text outlined in red above the email address collection field and the submit response button

NB: This is different to the completion message, which is the page a respondent sees after they have submitted their response. The completion message can be edited in the Online Survey Settings for each consultation.


We Asked, You Said, We Did

This allows you to edit the text which appears at the top of the We Asked, You Said, We Did section of the hub (highlighted in red in the image).

image of the we asked you sid we did page in the hub which has the intro text to it highlighted in red

We Asked, You Said, We Did is a way of sharing the results and feedback to consultations on Citizen Space in a simple and easy to digest way. If any surveys on your site have had this completed then visitors are able to view all of these in the We Asked, You Said, We Did section.


"Consultation Unavailable" message

This allows you to make a site-wide edit to the default message which is set when a consultation is retracted. The default message is shown below and can also be edited on an individual basis whenever anyone retracts a consultation.

image of the default consultation unavailable message, with editing functions


"More help" section of the admin support page

This allows you to add your own guidance and support information into your site so that it can be easily accessed by your colleagues who use Citizen Space. There is a separate article which explains how to update and add detail to the support page


Terms of Use

This is a page in the footer of your site and contains default Terms of Use which are added to your Citizen Space at deployment. You can edit or replace these by selecting this link, and we'd advise you to check them over and change them if you wish.


Cookie Policy

This is a page in the footer of your site and contains information about how Citizen Space uses cookies to function. You can add text to the end of this page, and you may wish to do this if you choose to use Google Analytics to track visits to your site. We have an article containing more information about Google Analytics and Citizen Space if you'd like further information.


Privacy Policy

This is a page in the footer of your site and contains Delib's privacy policy and information about you being Data Controller and Delib being Data Processor for your Citizen Space. You can (and should) add your own Privacy Policy to this page by selecting this link; we'd strongly advise you to do this. Most organisations link from this page to the Privacy Policy held on their own corporate site.