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How to use curated lists

Natalie Williams -

The Citizen Space homepage is designed to display consultations in lists. The default lists are Open, Forthcoming and Closed consultations, but we can also set up some bespoke lists if required.

A list with the title Open consultations and a list below that with the title Open engagement activities.

There are 2 ways we can make this happen:

1. Filtered lists  we can set up a list so that it automatically updates based on a filter from the Manage Consultations page. For example, displaying all the consultations that have a specific 'Interest' applied, or

2. Curated lists  we can set up a list which your Site Admins can manually add consultations to as required. This is similar to how the Featured consultations list works.

If you'd like to set up either of these types of list, please contact your account manager who will be happy to discuss your requirements. We need to know what you'd like the title of the list to be (both on the public side and in the admin side of your site, as these can be different if you wish) and how many consultations you'd like it to display at once.


How to use curated lists

Before you have any curated lists set up, if a Site Admin visits 'Pages' in the pale blue menu bar across the top of the admin screen, the top link on that page will be 'Featured consultations'. This is where they can go to make one or more consultations featured and have them display on the homepage.

Headings under Manage Page Content with heading Featured Consultations highlighted.

Once your account manager has created one or more curated lists at your request, if a Site Admin visits 'Pages' in the pale blue menu bar across the top of the admin screen, the top link on that page will have changed to read 'Consultation Lists'. This is where they can go to add one or more consultations to a list.

Headings under Manage Page Content with heading Consultation Lists highlighted to show it has replaced heading Featured Consultations.

On the Consultations Lists page, the lists will appear in alphabetical order. Information under the list title will show the maximum number of consultations the list has been set to display, and which pages on the site the list currently appears on (usually just the Consultation Hub, unless you have an additional landing page set up).

Consultations Lists page with two lists set up.

You can rearrange the consultations already added to a list by using the dotted part on the left-hand side of each consultation to drag and drop them into a new order, or by using the green arrows on the right hand side to bump them up and down one space at a time.

You can remove a consultation from a list using the round red button with a cross on it on the right-hand side.

You can add further consultations to a list by using the button 'Add consultations' at the bottom of each list. Selecting this button will bring up a small window with a field to search consultations by title or keyword:

Pop-up window to add consultations to the list.

If you enter a title or keyword and select 'Search', it will bring up all the consultations in the site matching that search except for private ones (which can never be displayed on the homepage):

Pop-up window to add consultations to the list with the search term Bristol and two matching consultation titles.

To add one of the consultations in the search results to the list, select the round green button to the left of the consultation title.

Once you're done editing the Consultation Lists, remember to use the blue 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page.


Adding a consultation to a list via the consultation dashboard

You can also add an individual consultation to a curated list via its dashboard using the following steps:

1) Scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner of the consultation dashboard and select 'Featured Consultation Settings'.

Featured Consultation Settings link on consultation dashboard.

2) You will see a heading 'Featured Consultation Controls' under which there will be a list of the possible curated lists you can add this consultation to (listed in alphabetical order).

Featured Consultation Controls showing lists to choose from.

3) Simply select the checkbox alongside the list you'd like it to appear in, and scroll down to select the blue 'Save Changes' button.


Some things to bear in mind

A consultation must be public to appear in curated lists on your homepage  if it's a private consultation, you won't be able to add it to a list.

If you are thinking of replacing the standard lists on your homepage (Open, Forthcoming or Closed lists) with some bespoke lists, you will need to carefully consider your process for making sure that newly created consultations are set up in the correct way so that they appear in the appropriate list.

There is a risk when using bespoke lists that if your admins fail to add a published consultation to the necessary list, it may not display on your homepage at all (though respondents would still be able to reach the consultation if they'd had a link shared with them). Please contact your account manager if you'd like to discuss this in further detail.