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I'm a new user on Citizen Space, what do I need to know?

Katharine Sonsie -

Welcome to Citizen Space!

Below is a list of articles that will help you to create and analyse an activity in Citizen Space. 

Starting out 

+ The thinking work before you go on Citizen Space 

+ How do I log into Citizen Space?

+ Citizen Space activity set up - basic instructions 

+ Citizen Space activity set up - detailed instructions

+ The dashboard 

Private surveys 

If you're sending out an internal survey to colleagues or a select group of stakeholders, you might want to set up your survey as private. These articles can help you:

+ How do I set up a private survey?

+ How do I make an existing survey private?

Creating your survey 

+ Respondent journey: answering an online survey

+ The overview page

+ Creating an online survey

+ Creating accessible surveys 

+ 3 standard questions

+ Question design guidelines

+ Linear vs non-linear surveys

+ Answer components

+ What You See Is What You Get tool bar 

+ Embedding content

+ The Almost Done... page 

Wait! Before publishing your survey share your work. Send out a preview to your colleagues to test it out. And if you've got time, do further testing yourself.

A survey can only have one owner at a time. If you're going to be away when your survey is live, consider reassigning it to someone in the same Citizen Space department as you.

Now you're ready to publish.

The next step is analysis (bookmark this section when you're ready to start analysing your responses).


This is just a small sample of the articles available to help you to get started. There are hundreds of helpful and informative articles available on this Knowledge Base.

If you can't find what you're looking for, contact your Site Admin or send a support request through to us.

Looking for ideas and inspiration? Check out your own organisation's Citizen Space homepage for examples of activities and check our our Aggregator to see what's happening on Citizen Space sites around the world.

Training and webinars

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