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Citizen Space release announcement v3.9

Louise Cato -

v3.9 was rolled out to all Citizen Space customers on Monday 16th April 2018. Read on for more information, and get in touch with your account manager if you have any questions.

This was a smaller release to deliver:

Changes to the user interface when downloading exports of responses

In the previous release (3.8), we updated the page you see when downloading the export of responses to give a real-time update while the export is generating. In this release we've made further updates to this view, as some customers with larger numbers of consultation responses reported an issue where the export would generate, but would not automatically download once completed.

Now, whether you've chosen to download an export of all responses or an export of individual questions or filters, you'll be taken to a screen showing you that your export is preparing and then saving.

a screen showing you that your export is preparing and then saving

Once complete, the export will automatically download to your computer. If for any reason it doesn't, there's now also a link provided so that you can download your export using that.

screen showing confirmation of export completion and link to download it

You can read more about exporting responses from your consultation in this article.


Improved loading times for Manage Consultations

In our quest to continually dig out speed improvements in Citizen Space, we’ve made some changes to the Manage Consultations page - the first page you come to on log-in. It should now load more quickly, especially for those with lots of consultations or users.