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Release notes: Dialogue v3.2

Chris Neil -

We are pleased to release an important update to Dialogue featuring some necessary improvements around accessibility and security. 

What's new

Public pages now WCAG 2.1 AA compliant

This release includes some important work to meet statutory accessibility requirements. We performed an internal audit to evaluate accessibility across the public-facing pages of Dialogue and addressed any changes that needed to be made, making these now fully WCAG 2.1 compliant. This is part of the ongoing work at Delib to ensure that all our products meet the new accessibility regulations. 

Security updates

We have made a slight change to the default password policy for Dialogue, increasing the minimum length from 5 characters to 10 characters.

Screenshot of Dialogue Registration form with new 10 character minimum password requirement highlighted in red box

This will only apply to new user registration and existing users that choose to change their current password. 

Screenshot of Dialogue password reset form with new 10 character minimum password requirement highlighted in red boxThis change was made after reviewing the security of the password policy for Dialogue with the aim of reducing the risk of users picking trivial passwords in order to better protect their personal information. This is part of our ongoing focus on security.

Need a reminder on how new users register for Dialogue? Here is the complete guidance.