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Internal Users - Customisable password policy

Natalie Williams -

Many of our customers have organisation-wide password policies and if you'd like your Citizen Space platform to follow the same rules, we can create a default password setting across your site so that all new passwords created by users must meet certain criteria.

At your request we can:

  • set a minimum number of characters required;
  • make certain types of characters required, such as lower case letters, upper case letters or numbers; and
  • ban particular words from being used anywhere in the password (for example, the old favourite "password").

We can also edit the guidance text letting people know what the rules are, and the error message text letting them know why their suggested password hasn't met the requirements.

When we update your password policy, the passwords of existing users will not be affected and they will not be notified of the change - it will only affect existing users if or when they reset their password. If you would like your existing admins to update their passwords to comply with the new rules, you'll need to contact them separately and ask them to do so.

If you'd like to configure the password settings on your Citizen Space site, please get in touch with your account manager.