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Release notes: Dialogue v2.6

Louise Cato -

In this quick release we've made changes to moderation in Dialogue to make it easier to manage incoming comments.

What's new

A new comments moderation queue
When you are post-moderating your Dialogue site (letting ideas and comments go live immediately), previously it was easy to approve ideas, but not as easy to moderate new comments coming in.

Making things difficult is not how we like to do things, so we've built an additional tab for post-moderating comments. These work just like the ones for post-moderating ideas, and more information about how moderation works can be found in this article.

the moderation options page in Dialogue allowing for post-moderation of comments

You can moderate comments on a per challenge basis, and you can manage your workflow just as you can with ideas by approving or rejecting comments. We hope this will make it easier to keep on top of moderation for your challenges.