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Business continuity - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Louise Cato -

This article relates to COVID-19 and specifically our business approach to this - it is primarily so you can be assured of the ability for Delib business processes and service to continue.

Measures being taken

Delib has an established business continuity plan which is assessed as part of our ISO27001 accreditation. Some of the plans and mitigations below can and would be applied in the event of other business continuity issues also, but here relate to COVID-19.

Like many people, we are following the news as the coronavirus continues to progress globally. Delib is still following the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK, Australia, and New Zealand Governments, as this is where our staff are based. While it can't be ignored that this situation - not just in Delib, but for us all - is very worrying, our main focus is on protecting staff and our customers and preventing the spread of any illness.

As such:

Travel is currently restricted and - as per government guidance - Delib staff are following advice about isolating and restricting social contact. Our HQ office in Bristol, UK is partially open for a small amount of staff with specific requirements, under strict guidelines including social distancing, sanitising stations and restricted access. All other staff are set up to work from home and we have ensured that staff have everything they need to be able to do this for as long as is required. In Australia, New Zealand and Scotland, Delib staff already work remotely from home as standard.

Despite the easing of certain lockdown restrictions in various countries, because we are able to work from home, we will continue to do so and will not fully reopen our HQ office, aside from specific and managed instances, or resume travel to customers until restrictions are fully lifted - this may happen at different times in different parts of the world. We'll be closely following guidance to keep our customers, colleagues and their families safe.

Our business is continuing as usual on a remote working basis. Delib team members regularly work either from home or other locations, so this way of working is not unusual for our business and we have tools and processes for communication and delivery to ensure business continues as normal. We have brought on board additional tools to add to our suite of remote working software, to allow us to have back-up options where needed.

Support for customers needing answers to questions is provided via our online Knowledge Base (this website), by submitting a support ticket, and via phone. These ways of contacting us or finding information are still available as normal. 

If any member of the Delib team becomes unwell, they will be following the guidance of the national health authorities and government.

Accessing sites

We can confirm that any users of Citizen Space, Dialogue or Simulator sites (either as administrators or visitors to the site) are able to continue accessing these as normal via their web browser in any location, as these are cloud-based websites which only require an internet connection in order to be used. Citizen Space, Dialogue and Simulator sites are run and managed day-to-day within customer organisations themselves, with Delib acting as data processor / software provider to maintain the underlying provision of the service.

  • For customers in the UK and EU — sites are run on individual, dedicated servers hosted in a Rackspace datacentre in the UK. Rackspace is also ISO27001 accredited and therefore its business continuity plan will have been assessed as part of that accreditation.
  • For customers in Australia — sites are run on individual, dedicated servers hosted in either a Rackspace datacentre in Australia, or in a Rackcorp datacentre in Australia. Rackspace and Rackcorp are also ISO27001 accredited and therefore business continuity plans will have been assessed as part of that accreditation
  • For customers in New Zealand — sites are run on individual, dedicated servers hosted in either a Catalyst datacentre in New Zealand or a Rackcorp datacentre in New Zealand. Catalyst and Rackcorp are also ISO27001 accredited and therefore business continuity plans will have been assessed as part of that accreditation
  • For customers in the USA and Canada — sites are run on individual, dedicated servers hosted by either Rackspace in the U.S, or Digital Ocean and OVH in Canada (depending on where each customer is based). These organisations are all ISO27001 accredited and therefore their business continuity plans will have been assessed as part of that accreditation

Sites are backed up hourly. Backups contain all the user data and system configuration needed for us to restore a site in the event of any critical issue. If a critical issue on your site(s) should occur, this restoration can be done by Delib engineering staff from any location over a secure connection. 

Higher than normal sickness in Delib

In the event of escalating sickness within Delib in any country where we have staff, the Delib operating board will review and make decisions to assign responsibility within the global team so that we can still answer customer queries in each territory and deliver on our Service Level commitments.

Events, meetings and training sessions

We have postponed all of our user groups until it would be suitable to reschedule them and have postponed or rearranged all immediate travel and other face-to-face meetings until restrictions are fully lifted. We are keeping an eye on any training sessions, meetings, or inter-Delib travel which have been planned for later in the year and we may need to rearrange these if the situation is still ongoing closer to the time. If this becomes the case, we will arrange this with the individual attendees and customer organisations. With agreement from our customers, we have been running meetings, training and consultancy remotely until we are all able to meet face-to-face again.

Further updates

This is an ever-changing situation, and we continue to keep ourselves up to date with the guidance coming from authorities wherever we have staff and customers. As such, this article will be updated in line with any further changes.

We wish for all our colleagues working across the world in public service, their families and friends, to stay safe and well, and we will continue to support you as always.

Last reviewed 15th July 2020