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Release notes: Dialogue v3.4

Ceri Daniels -

Introducing Dialogue v3.3! We’ve made some accessibility improvements and fixed a few bugs we hope you haven’t come across. There are also a few visible improvements we hope will make life a little bit sweeter for you and your users. 

Two user exports are not always better than one

We've made some changes to our user exports to hopefully make the information more user friendly and useful for you. The two current exports have done some serious mileage and needed an upgrade so we’ve traded them in for one all singing, all dancing shiny new export that's got all of your user details in one place...including two new additions, user type and date of last login.

Your new export will show your users' names, email addresses, date of registration, type (user, moderator or site admin), last login and whether they've chosen to receive email notifications. By giving you a handy overview of your Dialogue users we hope to cut your admin time and speed up any housekeeping tasks.

A friendly welcome to your site even when it's quiet

Previously, if there was no live challenge, visitors to your site would see a white box at the top of the page forlornly awaiting the details of a new challenge. Now, if you've got no live challenges, your site users will arrive straight at your previous challenges tab instead. Which we think is a whole lot nicer.

Accessibility improvements

You probably already know how important accessibility is to us all here at Delib. If we're not building a release entirely around accessibility (see v3.3), each release for any product is an opportunity to tweak a few things designed to make the experience more inclusive and better for everyone and this release is no different! We're always happy to chat about these improvements so please get in touch if you'd like more specific details about the accessibility changes we made this time around.

And much more...

This release has also tidied up a whole bunch of little niggles including the usual bug fixes, behind the scenes security and performance improvements.

We hope these changes add a few tasty extras to your Dialogue experience. As always, please get in touch with your account manager or email us at support@delib.net if you need more information or support.