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Release notes: Dialogue v3.3

Jessie Ashmore -

We are pleased to release an important update to Dialogue featuring some further improvements around accessibility. This update went out to all Dialogue sites at the beginning of February 2020. 

What's new

Back in November we made the public pages of Dialogue WCAG 2.1 AA compliant. In this release, we:

  • Have added a new Accessibility page which contains wording in it explaining how Dialogue software meets the WCAG 2.1 AA requirements
  • Made the Accessibility page editable, so that you can set out where your content on the site fits with accessibility, too

This brings Dialogue in line with changes made to the new global accessibility guidelines, so that your site remains up to date.

Do I need to do anything to the policy pages in my site?


The Accessibility page may require your input.

We have updated Dialogue to meet the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines already and in this release we've added a page with our wording to explain how the platform software meets the requirements.

However, we're not able to provide accessibility wording for all the content you add to the site as that's under your control. We've made the new Accessibility page editable to allow you to do that, which can be found in Site Settings via the 'Editable Pages' link.

Your organisation or government may require you to add detail to this page. If so, you now have a space to do that. The best people to discuss this with are those responsible for content and/or accessibility in your organisation so that you can meet their requirements.

If you are a UK government organisation, there are new regulations that require you to set out an accessibility statement for any services you are running. More information on this - including links from gov.uk - can be found in this article.

Privacy page

You do not need to update your privacy policy page if you are happy with it.

It's always worthwhile checking every once in a while that it is still relevant and to make updates where required. All this can be done in Site Settings via the 'Editable Pages' link

Terms of Use

You do not need to update your Terms of Use if you are happy with them.

Like the privacy policy, check the words every so often to make sure they are still relevant and update them in Site Settings via the 'Editable Pages' link.