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Release notes: Dialogue v3.1

Natalie Williams -

Hot on the heels of Dialogue v3 we released v3.1 - a small but perfectly formed update - in September 2018.

What's new

Sortable challenges on the Manage and Moderate Challenges page

v3 introduced an improved Manage and Moderate Challenges page, with all of your challenges front and centre. 

As of v3.1, you can sort all of your challenges by clicking on any of the column headings, meaning that you can see your challenges ordered by number of ideas, number of comments, challenge creation date and last submission date, so you can quickly see what's happening with each challenge at a glance.

Manage challenges dashboard with challenges listed in table.

Other tweaks and small bug fixes 

Like all Delib products, Dialogue is continually improving, so, amongst other things, we also made a change to the navigation in the much-requested 'Edit Ideas' page, replacing the ‘cancel’ button with one that gives a clearer instruction - ‘back to idea’.