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Delib Sub-processors

Louise Cato -

The following Sub-processors may be used depending on where customers are based:

Location Sub-processors
Australia Rackspace, Rackcorp, Mailgun
Canada Digital Ocean, OVH, Mailgun
Europe (mainland) Hetzner, Rackspace, Mailgun
New Zealand Rackcorp, Catalyst, Mailgun
Republic of Ireland Rackspace, Hetzner, Mailgun
United Kingdom Rackspace, Mailgun
United States Rackspace, Mailgun

For all customers, Delib will:

i. notify customers in writing of any proposed Sub-processor(s)

ii. ensure that it has entered into a written agreement with the Sub-processor(s) which gives effect to obligations set out in current Data Protection Legislation, such that they apply to the Sub-processor(s) and

iii. inform customers of any additions to, or replacements of the notified Sub-processors and the Buyer shall either i) provide its written consent or ii) object.