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Restricting consultation publishing to certain user permissions

Louise Cato -

In Citizen Space, on your request, we can restrict the ability to publish consultations to certain levels of admin user.

The default setting in Citizen Space is that all Individual, Department and Site Admin users can publish their consultations. You can find out more about what the different types of admin user can do in this article, which has a handy table of permissions.

If you wish to restrict publishing to only the higher-level permission users, we can set it so that:

  • Only Department and Site Admin users can publish, or
  • Only Site Admins alone can publish

Your Delib account manager will be able to set this up for you if you email us via our support email. The rest of this article details how this affects users who are no longer able to publish their consultations.

What does this mean for users who cannot publish their consultations?

For any level of admin that you have blocked from publishing consultations, they will:

  • Have the Publish and Retract buttons on the consultation dashboard greyed out. If the user selects the 'why not?' link it will tell them permission is restricted

The publish and retract buttons are greyed out and the 'why not' message opened explains that they do not have permission to publish or retract.

  • Need to request that a Site Admin publishes their consultation (or a Department Admin if you have allowed them to publish consultations, too) 

  • Not have access to the 'Edit Consultation Details' section nor the 'Online Survey' section of their consultation once it has been published by someone with publishing permissions (once the consultation is published, the top part of their dashboard will appear as shown in the image)

The restricted consultation dashboard with only the options to 'set up response publishing', 'manage theme', and 'preview consultation' remaining. Also still shows publish and retract buttons greyed out, but the other options are still available.

  • The rest of the dashboard remains the same, so they can still publish:
    • The results of their consultation
    • We Asked, You Said, We Did details and
    • If you are using Response Publishing, any responses which have been approved for publishing


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