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How can I access file uploads to a Citizen Space consultation?

Natalie Williams -

There are several places in Citizen Space where you can access files that have been uploaded to Citizen Space via a file upload component in your survey.


1. Download them all in a ZIP file

From the dashboard, if you go into Responses Organised by Respondent, you will see a link that says "Download all documents". This allows you to download all of the documents received to this consultation in one go.

Screenshot of Citizen Space highlighting where the Download all documents button is on the screen

If you select this button, a ZIP file will automatically download to your device. Within the ZIP file there will be a folder per response, with the relevant Response ID number (e.g. ANON-XXXX-XXXX-X) in each folder name, and each folder will contain all of the documents uploaded as part of that particular response.

Screenshot showing what the contents of the ZIP file look like


2. In each individual response

From the dashboard, if you go into Responses Organised by Respondent and then go into an individual response, you will see that alongside each reporting field heading for any file upload components there is a link that says "Download response". The size of the uploaded file is also visible from this view. Selecting this link will automatically download the file to your device.

Screenshot showing where to to access the download in this view

Please note that in this example screenshot, I gave my file upload component the reporting field heading "File upload - supporting documents:" so it would be easy to spot for demonstration purposes.


3. In your .xlsx exports

From the dashboard, if you select either "Download all responses" or "Download all responses including analyst fields"*, you can export all your response data for this particular consultation in one spreadsheet. This will include a column for each file upload component, in which you will see a URL. If you copy & paste the URL into your browser, that particular file will automatically download to your device.

Screenshot showing the relevant column in the Download all responses export

*NB. If the file upload component was set up as analyst only, the links to the files will only appear in the "Download all responses including analyst fields" export.