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How to avoid the word 'consultation' appearing when building a survey/form in Citizen Space

Louise Cato -

Citizen Space is designed as a consultation platform primarily, though we know it's used for a variety of other things like surveys and forms.

We sometimes get asked how to remove words like 'consultation' from appearing in the published view when you build a survey or other type of form. In this article, we'll talk through where words like consultation appear in the published view and how to change or remove them.

In 'Edit consultation details'

The only place a word like consultation will appear automatically in the published Overview page is in the 'Why We Are Consulting' text field. This field is optional, but if anything is typed into the text box here then in the published view it will automatically be prefaced with the title: 'Why we are consulting'. To avoid that happening, instead of using this text field, just put those details into the mandatory 'Consultation Overview' text section above it.

Pro tip: If you want to create different headers in the overview page, then in the 'Consultation Overview' section, select the Source button and in a clear space paste in <h3>Your heading words here</h3>, then select the Source button again. This will create a heading which you can edit to say whatever you want. Repeat this step to create multiple headings in the page.

The edit consultation details section showing the consultation overview text box with the Source button selected and HTML showing how a heading would get added, as described in the article. Below this text box is the optional why we are consulting text field.

In 'Online Survey'

The first page you come to when you head into the 'Online Survey' option on the dashboard is the Online Survey Settings page. The final two items on this page are the 'Completion message' and 'Email acknowledgement message', and both have default text which reads: "Thank you for completing this consultation." This is editable, so if you are running something other than a consultation, be sure to edit it to say something different.

The online survey settings page with the completion message and email completion message text boes showing the 'thank you for completing this consultatin' wording in them

The message which appears when you retract your consultation/survey/form/etc.

The 'Consultation Unavailable Message' is an editable message which you can set if you retract your consultation for any reason. The default text has the word 'consultation' in it, so it'd be worth changing that if you are running anything other than a consultation.

the consultation unavailable message with the retract button visible