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I'm a Site Admin for Citizen Space, what do I need to know?

Natalie Williams -

This article provides a list of articles it might be helpful to refer to if you've recently become a Site Admin for your organisation's Citizen Space site.

Managing users

Internal users - what types are there and what can they do? - this article in particular is a useful one to bookmark!

Internal users - how do I add and manage users?

Internal users - how do I delete a user?

Passwords - how do I set (or re-set) user passwords?

+ The Citizen Space department structure

Managing activities

+ How do I search for activities and advice in case you can’t find a specific activity you’re looking for

Quick start guide - Citizen Space

Activity types - what are the different Citizen Space activity types?

What is the dashboard?

+ Saved questions

+ Editing a question in a live survey that already contains response data

+ Responses – how do I download or export responses? - you can export a respondent’s individual PDF response to send to them if they request one (e.g. if their acknowledgment email is blocked for any reason.)

+ Marking an activity as complete – useful feature that can help with data retention processes (if you don’t think this feature is switched on for your site, let us know & we can switch it on for you.)

+ Citizen Space email notifications for respondents

+ Citizen Space email notifications for internal users

Other useful info

Support - how do I request support?

Product development - a little about how Citizen Space is developed

Citizen Space Aggregator - this site scoops together almost all of the public activities happening on Citizen Space sites around the world & puts them all in one place for you to browse. 

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