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Building template consultations in Citizen Space

Natalie Williams -

Some organisations find it useful to save template consultations in their Citizen Space site to help ensure that certain features - such as a privacy statement or demographic questions - are always included and consistent across all relevant consultations.

Screenshot showing a consultation called TEMPLATE for the parking team in the list of consultations


Citizen Space doesn't currently have the functionality to specifically build template consultations. However, by following the steps below you can achieve a similar outcome.

1. Add a new consultation as normal, but name it something which makes it obvious that it's a template and what it's for.

Screenshot showing page to add a consultation, with title showing as TEMPLATE consultation for parking team - please clone me!


2. Build all of the questions & content that you want the template to contain, in the normal way, but leave the consultation in draft mode (i.e. do not publish).

Screenshot showing pages and questions being built in the Online Survey, including Privacy page with consent question and page of Equality questions


3. Department and Individual admins will only be able to see templates that exist in the same department as them, so if you need the template to exist in multiple departments:

  • if you're a Site Admin, you can clone the consultation and select the required department from the dropdown list when it asks you which department you want to put the clone in.
  • if you're a Department or Individual Admin, you'll need to ask a Site Admin to clone the consultation into other departments for you.

Screenshot showing page to clone a consultation with the department dropdown highlighted as being visible to Site Admins only


4. Communicate with the people who need to use this template moving forward and ask them to always clone the template when they need to create a consultation, rather than adding a new one. Individual admins can clone consultations that are in the same department as them, even though they can't edit consultations they don't own.

Remind all admins that they'll need to edit key details, such as the title and the URL, before they publish.

Screenshot showing Edit Consultation Details page with title and URL highlighted as elements that will most likely need to be edited before publishing