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The Citizen Space homepage - configuration options

Louise Cato -

At the root of your site is the homepage (e.g. https://yoursiteurl.com), we call this the Consultation Hub. It's the place where by default you would tend to find: some homepage text, the list of your open and closed consultations, and the list of 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' feedback if and when you've added any to your consultations or surveys.

There are a number of configuration options for this page which allow you to choose what content is shown and how it is displayed. You don't just need to stick with the default and it's possible for us to put together a page which really comes to life for your site visitors.

To make things easier, we have created three landing page examples which may help you to choose the right configuration option for you.

If you're a new customer, you may have already discussed how you would like your homepage(s) configured when you were chatting about buying Citizen Space. If that's the case, we'll most likely be copying the configuration from the mock-up which was done for you before set-up. For existing customers, you might like to check these examples out to get some ideas of different ways to display your site content on the homepage.

Please note: All these examples live on our site which has its own theme colours and site-wide banner image, your site will have your theme colours and site-wide banner image (if you have one).

The landing page templates

Example page 1: This is the same as the default landing page structure, but with image listing types and more options per block

Example page 2: This is the same as option one, but without a header block, in case you want to get straight to the listings

Example page 3: This is a bit more all-singing-all-dancing, with a triple header block, image listings, and a coloured gallery block showing off three prominent activities

All block types: Here's an example page in our site showing all the different display-block options you can have on a landing page. As before, bear in mind this uses our site theme colours and site-wide banner image. Your site will have its own colours and site-wide banner image (if you have one).

A second landing page

In addition to the homepage at the root of the site, we can add a second landing page to your site if you need it.

For example, you might find that you want to very clearly separate out your formal consultation activity from other exercises like surveys, feedback forms and events. Or you may want a homepage which lists your consultations, surveys etc. and another page which contains the outcomes and results of the work you've been doing like 'We Asked, You Said, We Did', and so on. You may even want a second page to focus on one particular area of your work, like all Planning consultations or all Citizens' Panel activity so that you have a dedicated page URL to share which has just that curated content on it.

This second page would have the URL format e.g. https://yoursiteurl.com/other-landing-page

We'll ask you to tell us what you want that last part of the URL to say, so in the examples given above you might have something like:
https://yoursiteurl.com/surveys or,
https://yoursiteurl.com/outcomes or,

Configuring the second page

As with the default site homepage, this second landing page can also be configured so the content is arranged and displayed in a variety of ways, and you can choose from the templates we've already created.

Images on consultation listings

A lot of the new (and more interesting) ways to display consultation listings contain images. These images can come from a couple of places:

  1. If you've added a featured consultation image to the consultation this will be what's displayed

  2. If you don't have a featured consultation image added, then if you have added a bespoke banner image to the consultation theme, this will be the image shown on the landing page.

If you don't have an image added in either of these places then the image block will be your site's button colour (otherwise it'd just be a consultation title with a blank space!). Our example templates include some button-colour blocks so you can see what they look like. See image below, the blue block for the 'Smokefree Homes Quiz' is one where an image hasn't been added.

If you want an image shown instead of a coloured block, simply add one into the featured consultation section of the dashboard for that consultation.

Example of gallery 1 listing type, 'open' consultations, 6 consultations listed

A word of note: If you've requested that we configure your landing pages with image-style listings, then the pages will look a lot better if you actually have feature images added to the consultations. If you're finding you have a lot of items on the landing pages with your button colour next to them rather than an image, or you're struggling to find images to add, perhaps consider moving to a non-image-based listing component. We can change this over for you, just ask us.

Consultation listing 1, showing consultations with text links and end dates

example of listing 2 'Closed' consultations showing two examples

Things worth knowing

The site needs content to display

The look of these pages relies on your site having content in the form of consultations, surveys, title block content, 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' feedback, etc. If you're brand new to using Citizen Space or only have private consultations and surveys then these pages won't start to take shape until that content starts being published. Don't worry, we'll have set up the configuration template or your desired options in the background and it'll all start to take shape once your content is added.

To help show the differences between sites with and without content, we've set up the template examples with and without demonstration content built in. Here are example pages template 1, template 2 and template 3 without content. A reminder that these have our own site theme banner and colours, your site will have your theme colours and banner shown.

As mentioned above, if you've chosen a configuration with image-style listings, do make sure you're adding featured images to your consultations and to other exercises being run on the site.

Making changes

The configuration of the landing pages and how they display is done by us here during the initial site set up or via support for small changes after that. If you're a site admin, then depending on the configuration you've gone for, some of the block content might be something you can edit via your 'Pages' link in the 'Manage' bar (like the Consultation Hub text block, We Asked, You Said, We Did page text block and others) and you'll have access to change any text or details in those areas at all times. The rest of the content is pulled through from the public consultations and surveys you build.

It can be confusing for your site visitors if your landing page structure or display configuration changes regularly, so we'd recommend keeping any structural changes to a minimum. Full landing page reconfigurations should really only happen if your organisation has a rebrand or a radical change of direction, otherwise it's a bit like when they reorganise the supermarket and you've no idea where the baked goods live anymore. Consistency helps people find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

How many landing pages can I get?

As part of your subscription you can have up to a maximum of two configurable landing pages; that's the default homepage (https://yoursiteurl.com) and a second one as explained above (https://yoursiteurl.com/other-landing-page). There is an additional subscription cost for any landing page on top of the two included in your subscription, and we'd advise against having more than two where possible.