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Export map layers

Lauren LaRocca -

You can download map layers you've previously uploaded or drawn so that you can reuse them. This GeoJSON export preserves the features, attribute labels and attribute value data for each layer, so they could be easily uploaded to another mapping page in Citizen Space great for when you want to show the same map with all of its layers multiple times in the same activity or in future activities. You can also import this map layer data into separate GIS systems.

How to export a map layer

Once you've added a mapping page you'll see an additional sub-navigation on the left hand menu:

  1. Select Configure map layers.
  2. Each map layer will be listed under 'Current layers'. 
  3. Select the 'Download' link on the layer to export a GeoJSON file. 

    A drawn map layer of Post Office locations in Bristol with the download link circled.

  4. Voilà — you can now upload data onto another map or into a separate GIS system