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Additional landing pages

Lauren LaRocca -

You can add an additional landing page to your Citizen Space site. This can be used for a variety of purposes. 

For example, you might find that you want:

  • to very clearly separate out your formal consultation activity from other exercises like surveys, feedback forms and events
  • a homepage which lists your consultations, surveys etc. and another page which contains the outcomes and results of the work you've been doing like 'We Asked, You Said, We Did', and so on
  • an additional page to focus on one particular area of your work, like all Planning activity, Climate engagement or all Citizens' Panels so that you have a dedicated page URL to share which has relevant curated content on it.

Sample additional landing page — https://templates.citizenspace.com/additional-landing-page/ 


This additional landing page will have the URL format — https://yoursiteurl.com/other-landing-page

We'll ask you to tell us what you want that last part of the URL to be, so in the examples given above you might have something like:

  • https://yoursiteurl.com/surveys or
  • https://yoursiteurl.com/outcomes or
  • https://yoursiteurl.com/planning

Adding content

At the top of the additional landing page we can add a content area where you can add information about the project / department / team / etc that the page is all about. The text editor is the standard text editor you find throughout Citizen Space so you’ll have the functionality to add text, bullets, images, PDFs, other types of rich media (like videos and anything else with an <iframe>) and more. 

Learn more about our text editor and all the different ways of embedding content onto the page.

Custom lists

We can customise the listings that appear on the page — you can choose the headings, how you want the list to function, and whether you manually add specific activities to a list (curated list) or have the lists be automatic (filtered list). You can choose if you want only open, closed or both types of activities listed. And each list can have its own settings so you can choose what will work best. 

Find out more about curated lists.

Display options

We can display the lists in different ways, either with a standard listing type or with a gallery block view — with images or without, whatever best serves your purpose. Our article on the configurable options for the homepage links to different templates where you can see the different options. 

See more about configurable display options.

Use different activity types

You can make use of the different activity types in Citizen Space to help create ‘pages’ that will appear on your additional page — such as the link type to link to different events or news (think: event lists) or the offline activity type (such as for information pages).

Read about the different activity types.


We have the capability to add some engaging visual parts to the page as well between or after the lists — such as an embedded video or an image. These are hardcoded onto the page though so content swaps would need to be done by your account manager. Note: site admins can still add and edit embedded media in the content area of the page. 

Navigation menu options

There is the option to have the additional landing page appear in the main navigation menu in Citizen Space. Site admins will choose what will work best for the site. You can make creative use of featured activities list on the homepage to link to specific projects that may not be included on the main landing page (use a link activity type to create the placeholder for the additional landing page) or one of the header content blocks could be updated to highlight the added page.